The Long Roots of Our Lives

I bet you believe that your life has its roots in the womb. Yes, life has biological roots in the womb and the family of origin but there is an energetic field that carries way more!!

Years ago, Sy and I owned Merlin Books, a metaphysical book store and it was usually abuzz with all the latest hot topics between the books on the shelves and the classes and workshops held in the store. (When you read my book, “A Bird and the Dragon: Their Love Story: a Memoir” you will hear all about Merlin Books.) Somewhere in this period of time I signed up to train with Roger Woolger, a Jungian Therapist and author of “Other Lives, Other Selves.” He had started to investigate past lives and what those memories contribute to the human experience. He taught that past life memories were not only rooted in the heart and mind, but in the cells of the body. I learned that if you are to release these past memories you have to take the body back through the experiences so that the cells can release the trauma. I refer to this method as Past Life Release.  When I started talking about this technique, my friends pointed out to me that on my own book shelves was a book entitled “Many Lives Many Masters” by Brian Weiss. This expert seems to believe that simply being able to see the story without interaction can give you answers to who you are and why you function as you do. I call this technique Past Life Recall. You can guess that these two giants in the field strongly disagree on how to best use these discoveries.

Nicole in Pink HatIn the picture that I’ve added you see a little girl, Nicole (also in my book) with a pink hat. She is about four years old in the picture, but when she was around age three any time you handed her a scarf or a ribbon she would grasp it by both ends and throw it up around her head. She had obviously worn a bonnet in some previous lifetime. The gesture was so innate and the smile was so broad you knew it was a happy life. The love of hats and shawls has continued but not that characteristic gesture.

The picture of the boy is Nicole’s older brother Andrew (also in my book). He is wearing a hat but his reason is different. When he wasn’t quite three years old I would have him out in the back yard playing in the sandbox or swinging on the swing set Sy had built for him. One day an old style airplane fly low overhead and Andrew rose up out of the sandbox, clasped his hands and arms around his head, and raced to the protection of the swing set slide. As he raced he screamed, “Hide! Hide!” At this point in his life his parents couldn’t afford a TV so he had not seen this event on the television. He had to have been a child caught in the air raids of Europe in WoBrandon Moro as Andrew with Hatrld War II. The actions of both children were so instinctive that the actions had to have come from something deep inside and way beyond this life.

If your children are still young, watch them for these peculiar actions seemingly unrelated to present day activities. These actions are spontaneous and come from the deep roots of our lives. They usually drop away at about the age of five or six, although some of you may look at spouses and shake your heads because what they are doing makes no sense within the present day situation.


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