Ghosts, Angels, or Evil Energy

Mill House in Nerme CTIf you have read my book “A Bird and the Dragon: Their Love Story: a Memoir,” you already know our family moved to several different houses. I’m afraid I have to take credit for that—I’m a restless being. Our next to last house was in Nerme, Connecticut, a block back from the main street. It was a hapless looking factory house left over from when the factory folded and left that area. There is nothing as sad as an old factory house that has served its families well but now is left and unloved. It had been a single family dwelling but in its last years it was turned into a rental property.

Just in case we were walking into a bad situation,  I took pictures of the house and then had a reading with a Tarot reader who had trained at our store Merlin Books—also

100_1211 (427x640).jpg in the book—and was a very accurate reader. When we got to the picture with the angel lights shimmering down the side of the house I said, “That’s got to be a good sign for this house–angels blessing the building.” The Tarot reader looked at me and said, “Jessie, those are your angels. They are caressing the side of the house to show you that indeed this is the correct house for you and yours.” She went on to tell me about some of the dynamics of what would go on inside the house in the future in terms of family differences between my daughter Felicia, her husband Chris, their children, Sy my husband, and myself. She was correct and you will have to read the book to see what she was talking about.

But this is a Halloween Blog so I want to share the Ghosts or Evil Energy part of my title. Nicole, the little girl that was featured in my last blog had her bedroom on the west side of the house on the second floor. When this story took place she was several years older than in last week’s blog. My upstairs family had been living in the mill house for several weeks. Sy and I had just moved in on the first floor and been there about two weeks when Felicia and Nicole came down to talk to me. Felicia said, “Tell Gramma what is happening to you at night.” Nicole looked like she wanted to crawl under a chair but she said, “When I’m falling asleep I hear people talking to me so faintly that I’m not sure it is real. They are saying horrible things. Things they want me to do.”

“Can you share what they are saying?” I asked her.

“Gramma, you’d never believe me and some of it is so faint I’m not sure what they are saying.”

“They are scaring you. I can see that.”

Felicia chimed in, “Mom you’ve got to make them go away. We can’t stay here if we are being targeted for some reason.”

I responded, “The pictures of the outside seemed so promising. I can’t believe we are being driven away.”

Fast forward a couple of days: The mail lady poked our mail into the mail-box on the side of our house and Sy was standing at the door. He called out, “Jamie, do you know anything about the history of this house?”

“Sure! What do you want to know? Do you know about the people who lived here before—an older women and her son? They didn’t like each other much. They lived in the upstairs apartment and when the landlord asked them to move out someone took a sledge hammer and beat holes in all the walls in the eating area in the upstairs apartment. I know. The landlord took me up to see the damage.”

I was standing behind Sy while Jamie was talking. “That explains the gaping holes in the upstairs dining room. But what do we do about the voices?” I asked.

“I don’t know what to tell you,” Jamie responded, “But I’d figure out something if I were you!”

Next day in meditation my guides said, “You need to clean the area just as you were taught to do at Merlin Books. Get your sage, burn it in the stairwell and that dining room area. Then take your Tibetan bells and ring them in every room in the house. Be sure to clear every corner.”

I got up and did what I was told. Felicia was at work and Nicole was in school. When they both got home I asked them to walk up the front stairwell and through the dining room and tell me what they felt.

“Wow,” Nicole said as she came back to me. “They are all gone and it smells sweet in here. It’s cool but not cold and it feels like spring was inside our house.”

“You’re right,” I said. “The Angry Energies are gone. No Evil Spirits here, just leftover angry energy.”

Felicia who had been standing behind Nicole with her hands on the little girl’s shoulders, looked at me and said, “Thanks, Mom. I didn’t want to move again!”

000_0088.jpgThe house pictured at the top of the story is the house that we purchased. The house in the center of the story is the one with the angel light, and the picture at the end of the story is Annabelle, the house that we sold. Oh, yes, you have to read the story of Annabelle.

Do you have real ghosts or just leftover angry energy in your house? I’d like to hear.


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