Grandparent Knowledge

My blog writing may slow down for a while. I’ve been diagnosed with Lyme disease and according to the specialist it wasn’t treated properly two years ago. So the new bite in October sort of sent me over the top. I’ll be fighting this with antibiotics for some time and during that time my energy has gone out the window and a heavy brain fog has moved in. So I’m back from a great Christmas vacation but not running on all cylinders. Please, hang in there with me, the doctor said it would get worse before it got better. I’m working on some of the “worse” at the moment.

birdanddragon_frontcover_33When I left you last with my nativity interpretation, I shared a delightful picture of my four grandchildren. In my debut book, A Bird and the Dragon: Their Love Story: a Memoir I mention the grandchildren: Andrew, Nicole, Candy and Robbie in a couple of different spots, briefly. Here I want to share more of the stories that relate to them since they got very little press in the book.

Main street in our Cape town and one of the gift stores.

A good twenty-five years ago my husband Sy and I owned a cottage on the Cape. On rainy days we would go into the town to poke in all the gift shops. For Sy there had to be a stop at the candy store first. Once that was done, he was content to go with me to the gift shops. I love jewelry so that is usually where I wind up–nose pressed to the glass looking at all the lovely things in the display case. Meanwhile, Sy was circulating around the small store. I noticed he was looking at the paintings and small plaques hung on the wall. When I saw out of the corner of my eye that he stopped at the same plaque almost behind me several times, I turned around to watch. On the next pass he stopped at the same spot and stared at a tile hung on the wall that was royal blue in background with a slender young woman in the center of the picture holding a white dove in her outstretched hands. She had flaming red hair and he couldn’t get past her. Sy was never one to say I want that nor did he spend our money frivolously. “Honey,” I said, “Do you want that lovely young woman?” He kind of ducked, looked away and then said softly, “Yes!” We brought her home and she has hung on our bedroom wall ever since.

Candy and the plaque from the Cape.png
Candy holding the plaque that her grandfather Sy needed to bring home.

Now we move ahead in this tale and our oldest daughter, Cora has given birth to her first child, a little girl. And yes, she had red hair. But the story grows better. As the years pass Candy grows into a tall, slender, delicate featured young lady with flowing red hair. Now some people would say just a coincidence, but I know my Sy, and he knew long before Candy got here that this picture was his granddaughter to be and that is why he couldn’t leave her in the store. My only regret is that Sy died before he could fully see that Candy was the same girl that was on the plaque.

My “toddler,” Robbie as a young boy relaxed and sitting in his favorite spot.

A few months before Cora gave birth to her first child I was in meditation and impatient with the waiting for the birth of this baby. I asked, “Please, Universe (and for some people, God) show me Cora’s children?” And before I knew what was happening I saw a slender child about five years old with red hair running through a field. Because of the energy I presumed the child was a boy. Then next I saw a chubby round faced blond toddler sitting on the floor. You could tell that the baby had an easy going personality and I assumed that child was a girl. The only mistake I made was I confused the genders of the two children, but the energy and personality I got right. So I’m saying that we grandparents have access to information that we don’t know we know. And apparently if we are the kind of people that are in tune with the Universe we can see or feel things, events or people that come to us in the future.

With my blog I imply that this talent comes with age and wisdom and the truth is that many people have this ability but often don’t recognize it or use it. Give it a try for yourself and please share your results and stories with me. If you enjoy my style of writing check out my website and click on ‘Tidbits from the Couch.’ These are articles about family life and I’d enjoy it if you would contact me through that site.


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